How to Increase Sales for Your Small Business using Affiliate Marketing

If you haven’t heard of the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’ – now’s the time to get a bit excited.

You see, affiliate marketing is generally a way to get influencers to promote your brand, sell your products and for you to make more money through sales and brand exposure. There is no cost to you to start up (and we’ll tell you how to go about it), and you pay a commission only on what the influencer or blogger actually sells.  They are effectively doing all the hard work of marketing your business for you.  And the harder the influencers work and promote your products, the more you sell, and the more commission they receive.

Sounds great huh.  That’s because it is.

A good influencer won’t take product for exposure only. A good influencer does their job for a reason – to make a living. So stop giving out free product in exchange for promotion – because you will only get what you pay for. A good influencer has amazing traffic to their social media and will only promote products they love. So by signing up to an Affiliate Program – you are effectively signing an agreement with them where they have to sell to make you money, if they want to get paid.

Also note, affiliate marketing solutions require barely low or no upfront costs. In general, it is a completely hosted solution. Therefore, it requires very minimum technical efforts. The ongoing costs are solely performance based i.e. business owners pay only when their cash register rings.

So how do you get the ball rolling?

Well, you sign up to a reputable affiliate marketing platform (and we have a list of them below). You should NEVER EVER have to pay to sign up to one of these platforms. Once signed up – you will need to provide the platform with ways that influencers can promote your product. This can include some or all of the following:

  • Coupon codes
  • Website banners of different sizes
  • Discount codes
  • Deep linking
  • Galleries
  • Text links
  • Videos
  • Product images
  • Data feeds

But you can start simple and add more marketing material as you go along.

You have control as to which influencers promote your brand – or not.  So if you know they won’t be a good fit for you – you can decline them.  It happens.

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