Stay at Home Mum’s Healthy Living Section contains low fat recipes for those of us that are watching our weight and what we eat. We have many versions of popular recipes with a low fat twist! Low fat foods don’t have to be boring anymore!

Cheesy Spinach Cauliflower Muffins

Savoury Veggie Muffins!

I’ve Got the Flu 'Healthy Ginger' Drink

Stop That Cold Dead

5 Green Juice Recipes That Don't Taste Like Arse

5 reasons to jump in the juice bandwagon!

17 Recipe Ideas for Meat-Free Mondays

You won't even miss eating meat!

Balsamic Mustard Baked Salmon Fillets

Banana and Walnut Muffins

Perfect snack or breakky on the go!

Tuna Melts

Cheap to make and perfect to pair with soups!

Banana Oat Bites

Healthy Idea for Kids Lunchboxes

Tuna-Stuffed Avocado Boat Salad

Healthy and Delicious Lunch for Mums

15+ Low-Calorie Recipes To Help You Lose Weight

Spinach and Feta Triangles

Great for parties or a snack!

Silky Chocolate Mousse Made With Tofu

Healthy Substitutes For Butter And Margarine

The Alternative Spreads For Your Breads

Traditional Australia Day Lamb Barbecue Meal Plan

Bought to you by Woolworths

Dairy Free Choc Avocado Mousse

Suitable for VEGANS!

Low Fat Date Loaf


Avocado Ice Cream with Macadamia Praline

Healthy and Delicious!

Watermelon Popsicles

The Full Watermelon Experience