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Personalised Children's Book 'Discover the Courage in You' by MyBook Heroes

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Very good


Personalised Children's Book 'Discover the Courage in You'

I ordered one of the personalised books from MyBook Heroes for my child and he loved it!

This personalised book allows my son to become the character in the book. You actually have the option of naming the hero of the book after your son or daughter and choose the avatar that looks the most like your little one. Also, you can choose the cover of the book and write a dedication!

And here comes the really impressive part: that child is a character who is fighting to find his self-esteem, to learn how to lead, develop courage and perseverance, gaining valuable life skills through adventures and fun. I chose the book about courage because he's been recently having some fears about darkness.

The illustrations are beautiful. There’s attention to detail to inspire a mind that’s just beginning to discover the meaning of words. The books take place in reality, there’s a strong message on practically every page and there’s a bit of fantasy too. It’s the perfect combination for a curious mind, something that all children are.

My son just couldn't stop reading the book and looking at the illustrations. After reading the book he said he is now the courageous hero!
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