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100+ Brilliant Ways to Save Money On Your WeddingAnd still HAVE your dream wedding...

 We always want the best for our wedding, but by having the best doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune.

Yes, weddings are expensive, but it doesn’t have to be too expensive, so you can still save up for the more important things after the wedding. Here are 100 ways to save money on your wedding!

Wedding Planning Savings

  • There are many great wedding planners available, but nothing beats a good old fashioned spreadsheet. Budget how much can you spend on each aspect – and stick to it! Organisation and planning can save you a fortune!

    (We have a FREE wedding budget planner that you can download and use!)

  • Get a friend who likes to do public speaking to be the MC for the night, and even the DJ if they are computer savvy.

  • Encourage friends and family to offer their help or talents in exchange for wedding gifts.

  • In lieu of gifts, ask your guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund.

  • Have a longer engagement, this gives you time to grab everything you need for your perfect wedding.

  • Consider booking a wedding package overseas – you can have your ceremony somewhere special and enjoy your honeymoon, then have a family barbecue to celebrate on your return. Check out discount luxury travel companies such as Bon Voyage to choose somewhere special.

How to Save Money on The Guest List

Save Money On Your Wedding | Stay At Home Mum

  • Only invite people you know and love. Inviting your Aunt that you haven’t seen you since you were five is just costing you a lot of money for a relationship that isn’t there. Make your wedding day special by only inviting people that are a big part of your life.

  • If you are inviting people from out of town, include a list of all the local hotel and accommodation options including pricing. You can often negotiate a good deal this way and save money for your guests.

  • Limit the number of partners your invite.  If you have friends with partners whom you don’t know, just invite your friend to keep the list down.

  • Sign up to multiple wedding website mailing lists.  You might just find out about a great sale that will save you loads of cash.

How to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

amelia wedding invitations | Stay at Home Mum

Our Pick: These Wedding Invitations from Etsy

  • Look at places like Etsy for a good wedding invitation template – and buy your own fancy paper. Remember though, most people will throw out the invitation after the event, so only use fancy stationery for the people you know will keep it forever, and use a cheaper paper for everyone else.

  • Follow up on attendance by setting up an ‘Event’ on Facebook.

  • Invite all your bridesmaids around to do the personalised addressing of envelopes for invitations.

  • Instead of including a self-address envelope for the RSVP, set up a basic wedding website where you can have people RSVP online (or even through Facebook to keep it even cheaper!).

  • Send a wedding e-invite rather than post out real ones!

How to Save Cash When Choosing a Venue for Your Wedding

  • Keep your ceremony and reception venues either at the same place or within walking distance to save money on transport.

  • Ask the venue if they have fully-inclusive wedding package deals. It is less work for you, and often you can still negotiate the price!

  • Rent a house for the ceremony and reception that can accommodate the bridal party to sleep over the night before.  A beautiful roof top with a view makes for a gorgeous small wedding venue.

  • Get married in a park or a public place, then have the reception in a restaurant.

Save Money on Your Wedding Ceremony

Save Money On Your Wedding | Stay At Home Mum

  • Print a poster with the ceremony program and have it visible when people walk into your venue rather than printing one for each person.

  • Look at having the ceremony at the local courthouse – and then have a bigger fancier reception!

  • Have your ceremony in your backyard or a local park rather than hiring a venue.

  • Have a breakfast ceremony or brunch.

Save Money on Wedding Photography

  • Only hire a professional photographer for a few hours rather than a whole day.

  • Keep them local to your location, otherwise, you will be incurring their travel and accommodation costs.

  • Ask for an all-inclusive package that allows you to keep the photography images. You can always get prints and albums later on when you afford it.

  • Ask a professional to do the ceremony – and perhaps look at getting a student photographer to do the reception.

  • Find an ‘Up and Comer’ Photographer that is good, but needs a bit more experience.

How to Save Money Dressing The Bridal Party

  • Limit the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Better again, have none!

  • Get a friend to do your makeup and the bridesmaids to do their own.

  • Have the bridesmaids have their makeup done at a local makeup counter.

  • Use costume jewellery for the bride and bridal party rather than the real thing.

  • Rather than having your bridesmaids in matching dresses, choose a colour and let them buy whatever they like in that colour! That way the dresses will suit the bridesmaids, and they are more likely to use them again (you need to consider their costs too!).

  • Buy a pre-owned wedding dress.  After all, it has only been worn once.

  • Don’t have bouquets for the bridesmaids, instead have them carry a single flower or basket of petals.

  • If you have your heart set on a dress but can’t afford the price tag, why not see if you can hire it instead!

Items to Leave Out On Your Wedding Day

These are things that are just a waste of money and your wedding can survive without.

  • Button Hole Flowers for the Men – totally unnecessary!

  • Fancy jewellery. Borrow it from your Mum or Grandmother instead and that is your ‘something borrowed’

  • Car Hire. Drive your own car or have a friend with a cool car donate the use in lieu of a gift.

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

  • If you want some special bling for the day but can’t afford it, why not look at ‘hiring’ jewellery for the day.

  • If you have found a designer wedding gown you love, wait until they have a samples sale or a seconds sale and have any sizes or alternations done by a seamstress.

  • Check out small boutiques that may not be bridal, but may just have a perfect white gown suitable for your wedding

  • Use one of the discount wedding online stores to purchase your gown.

  • Buy a cheaper style dress overseas and then have a seamstress ensure it fits you perfectly for your big day.

  • Buy a second-hand dress! All the bling without the huge outlay.

  • Hire a wedding dress rather than buying one.

  • Choose shoes that you will wear again! Silver or metallic options will go well with most wedding gowns, and can be worn again for any dressy outfit.

  • Instead of buying ‘wedding shoes’ consider buying a set of beautiful brooches you can attach to a pair of shoes you already own and love.

Save Money By Changing Your Wedding Date

  • Don’t schedule your wedding on a Saturday. Saturday is peak time for weddings. Instead, wait for a public holiday and have the wedding on a Friday or Sunday. Even better, a mid-week wedding can be a great way to have a brilliant day at up to 2/3 cheaper than a Saturday wedding.

  • Spring and Autumn are the peak wedding seasons.   Instead, consider a hot Summer wedding or cold Winter wedding.

  • Consider getting married at Easter or Christmas time.  It is easier for guests to have the time off to travel – plus most places are decorated which will save you on decoration costs.

 How to Save Money on Wedding Decorations

  • Share the decoration cost. If you have a friend that has been married recently or can find out who is getting married just before you, why not go halves in the decorations for both weddings?

  • Pick a beautiful venue so you don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations.

 How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers and Bouquets

Save Money On Your Wedding

  • Grow your own flowers or go to a flower farm. If you have a good head start on your wedding (say a year from now) – find a friend or family member with a green thumb and have them grow the flowers for you.

  • Providing you choose flowers that are in season during your wedding, this is a great way to save lots of dollars. Alternatively, go to a flower farm and organise the flowers directly. If you have more friends that are good at putting together a bouquet – have them do bouquet the morning of the wedding – or negotiate a florist to do the arrangements with the provided flowers.

  • Use the bridesmaid’s bouquets as reception table decorations.

  • Order flowers through your local supermarket. They often have them so much cheaper than a florist – and are only willing to help if they can order in advance.

Thinking about your wedding cake? See how you save too on the next page!

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