Did I Just Say That Out Loud?Funniest Things Parents Say Caught on Tape!

Never thought you would say that? But you did. And we have proof!

Parenting can bring the best and the beast in us. Admit it mums! No matter how sober you think you were before having kids, but raising them is taking your hormones to its highest level than the first trimester of pregnancy.


Children do challenge our discipline but beyond the grim, it’s the best feeling yet to mold a generation. A generation of random, hilarious, disgusting and penis obsession kids. Hahaha. What is not there to love? I love my kids even if at times I do or say something I regret. I guess this is what parenting is all about.

We asked our fans What’s the One Thing You Never Thought You’d Say to Your Kids As a Parent? and, oh man, did we ever get some awesome responses! They were too funny not to collaborate and share.  This came from you, ladies and gentlemen. I couldn’t make this stuff up! Note how many start with “No..” and the no holds bar penis talk with your hoodies.


Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

Yes. Yes you did. We have gathered your best and impulsive answers in responding to your kids’ freakishness. And most of them begin with a NO.

Which one is your favourite?

1. When their curiosity of the human body feels like a punch in the face.

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2. When Penis poking is the new game they enjoy playing

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