How to Make Your Toilet Bowl SparkleEspecially if you have males in the house..

Cleaning a toilet is no one’s idea of a good time. But it has to be done.

Otherwise your toilet will breed life forms of its own that, if left long enough, will learn to talk.

How to Make Your Toilet Bowl Sparkle | Stay At Home Mum

Supermarket shelves house a huge variety of products that clean your toilet very effectively. There are foams, sprays, tablets, cages, stick-on buttons and ducks. Yes, they work, but they are also expensive. All in the name of hygiene, and minimising the gross factor of cleaning your toilets. But there is a better way. A cheaper, greener way. And while it’s no easier, it’s definitely not harder either.

If you have Limescale – that is a whole other different method (which I’ve also covered, see my article on How to Remove Limescale from the Bottom of The Toilet).

How To Clean Your Toilet Bowl

You’ll need:

  • Bicarbonate of Soda (about 1/2 cup)
  • White vinegar in a spray bottle
  • Good quality cloths
  • Rubber gloves

How to Make Your Toilet Bowl Sparkle | Stay At Home Mum


1. Flush your toilet so that the sides of the bowl are wet.

2. Sprinkle the sides of the bowl liberally with the bicarb powder.

3. Spray the inside of the bowl with vinegar, making sure to thoroughly wet the bicarb (it should fizz).

4. Spray the rest of the toilet with the vinegar.

5. Leave for 15 minutes or while you clean the rest of the bathroom, watch a bit of Dr Phil or make yourself a coffee.

6. Using a damp, clean cloth, wipe over the toilet itself. Any marks should lift straight off once the vinegar has done its magic. Wipe clean the seat and the rim of the bowl.

7. Then, using the same cloth, give the inside of the bowl a quick scrub, making sure to reach under the rim. Finish by scrubbing the bottom of the bowl well.

This will leave the toilet sparkly, fresh smelling (the vinegar smell doesn’t linger) and just as clean as any supermarket-bought toilet cleaner. With the added benefits of being cheap, home made and green!

How to Make Your Toilet Bowl Sparkle | Stay At Home Mum

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