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8 Easy Hacks to Prevent Food WastageWasted Food is a Waste of $$$!!!

These are really easy hacks that anyone can do (in the privacy of their own home) to save dollars!

Food wastage has always been a pain the neck for every mum. So I’ve got some hacks to share so you’ll never have to worry about food wastage again!

1. The ‘Eat Me First’ Food Triage Box

eat me first box | Stay at Home Mum
Image Via Clossette.com

This great idea from Closette.com is a ‘Food Triage Box’. Any foods that are getting close to their use-by date are placed in this box to make sure they get used up and eaten.

2. Freezing Food Scraps

Freezing Food Scraps

Chicken carcasses, vegetable scraps, carrot tops (if you don’t have chickens — well don’t feed chicken carcasses to chickens – that’s cannibalism!) – are great for when you make stock! Even if you happen to buy a hot chook, keep the bones and freeze them, then throw everything into a slow cooker, season, and cook for six hours (just spoon any scum off the top). A homemade stock that is so much better – and really, cost you nothing!

3. Cut the Mince Into Portions Before Freezing

mince meat

Buying anything in bulk saves you cash – you know that already!  But if you can’t eat it once it has been defrosted, you are stuffed. An easy peasy fix is to remove the wrapping, cut the meat into portions, then re-cover and freeze. So simple and easy!

4. Cut up Your Onions – and Freeze Them!

Image Via So Simply Stephanie
Image Via So Simply Stephanie

Onions tend to go bad quickly here in the hot Australian climate – and apart from red onions which you usually eat raw – why not chop up all your brown onions and freeze them into individual portions! AND sometimes (not always), check out the frozen onions in the freezer section of your local supermarket – quite often I’ve seen them cheaper pre-prepared and frozen than the fresh sort – so all the work is done for you!

Other vegetables that freeze really well this way include capsicums and celery.

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