6 Things To Consider Before You Dye Your Hair BlondeMoving Into The World Of Blonde, Without The Carrot Top Mistakes

They say that blondes have more fun, and whether or not that’s really true (we aren’t sure) it’s certainly the case that having blonde hair is something that many people want to try.

Of course, not everyone can be born blonde, which is why hair dye exists. But how exactly do you dye your hair blonde in the right way, without ruining your hair or ending up looking like something from a ‘fashion gone wrong’ nightmare?

We just might have the solution for that.


1. Remember The Rules

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The rule with hair dying is apparently to never lighten or darken more than two shades. The reason for this is that hair dye is almost never the colour it advertises when you make a drastic colour change. This is particularly true for lightening and  it means that women who want to go from a darker hair colour to a lighter blonde will probably need to invest in the expertise of a stylist and several trips to the salon to strip the hair and prepare it for such an intense colour change.

2. Ask Yourself If Blonde Really Suits You

via www.girlpower.it
via www.girlpower.it

Just because you want to be a blonde, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to pull it off. You need to consider a few things like skin colour and body hair colour. In most cases women who were blonde as children have the right kind of skin tone to pull of blonde hair, while those with darker or olive skin tones will find the colour looks quite unnatural. It’s also important to think about the colour of your eyebrows in correlation to the colour you’ve chosen to dye your hair. A serious difference will result in a discordant overall look.

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