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Has anyone renewed their vowls?

Hubby and I have been married for 7 years. And I would like to renew our vowls on our 10 years. Just us 2. Like getting eloped. Has anyone done this? Did you regret it? Am I being silly?
I mainly want to do it because I hate thinking about our wedding. I'm so glad it happened but we were so young I let my mum and sister so everything. I hated my dress, my hair, the venue etc. It wasn't romantic in anyway as I was too embarrassed to say what I wanted to.
Basically I regret not having the confidence to say and do what I wanted so thinking maybe I can re do it.


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I personally want to do vows again as we didn’t write our own for our wedding, the celebrant just said what he thought was appropriate at the time.
Also, we’ve been through a lot in our marriage I think it would show a new sign of love and respect to go through with it. Hubby isn’t so keen but will work towards if in years to come like you said. Maybe on a milestone.
I hope you go through with it. It doesn’t have to be a grand elope. You could just book a night of baby sifting, go stay in the city and book the registry office and write your own special vows to share with each other and then have a special night at a hotel together to celebrate!

 Baby sifting haha made me laugh.
Ok let’s sift through and see which kid we’re keeping lol

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 Bahahahahaha!!! I didn’t even realise I wrote that!!
Meant to be baby sitting
Hahaha yep do some baby sifting before vow renewal 🤣🤣🤣

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