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Advice on mould your own dildos please

My husband is getting deployed for 6 months. We currently don't own any sex toys.
We have talked about it and we'd like to try one of those mould a dildo from his penis packs.

There are just so many available, I had no idea. Are they all the same or are some better quality than others?

Advice would be great please.


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My fiancé is incarcerated. I wonder if the prison will allow me to post one in to be returned ready to go 😂

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 Well you sound like you are marrying a classy guy.
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I've had one, when I lived apart from partner. It was a fun activity- a little tricky, but fun :) I would look into quality, the one we had I was not 100percent on material it was made from(safe for use). I bought it 7years ago so could't remember the brand, and like most things I didn't use it past a year

Unless your doing it for sentiment or to appease his ego while he's for your own preference with a *regular* "cookie cutter" or mass produced dildo. Go online and browse the specs at your discretion.

 Ended up buying one and he did it for me before he left.
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Ive never done one of these but can you just look at reviews on the webpages?

 Often companies write their own reviews
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