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Can you lose weight by just adjusting your food, and not exercising?

I have about 10 - 15kgs I would like to lose, currently I have tried The Healthy Mummy smoothies, and I have lost around 4kgs, but after that I stalled, and when I stepped back from it I realised all it really is is calorie counting and adding an expensive powder (the smoothie mix) to what is basically a fruit or veg smoothie, that could be made without the expensive powder anyway. I didn't sign upto the app, as I don't have time to be on the internet all day getting recipes, logging info, and using it for exercises. So is it possible to lose weight by adjusting what food you eat and the quantities? (for example instead of 2 sandwiches at lunchtime, cut it down to one, that type of thing?). I can introduce exercise later, but at the moment it's not high on my priority list. Any constructive tips and advice welcome. Thankyou!


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Yes it def is 80% diet and 20% exercise so do cut back on size of meals, cut out ‘bad’ foods.. introduce heaps of fruit veg and lean meat protein etc. Goodluck

I have found portion size was the key for me. Over eating has been a long term problem for me.
I can manage very small portions without starving as long as I have high protein, low carb, high veg mixes. I bought small plastic containers for meal size portions, which I have found a very effective way of removing the risk of overeating.
I cook bulk meals and freeze those small portions. Casseroles, mince and veg mixes, including some diced potato, and a lot of one pan meals.
Sometimes I will have one of those small portion containers for lunch, as well as one for dinner.
I walk a fair bit, but otherwise do not exercise.
If I control myself I can lose a tenth of a kilo a day, for a couple of months, then take a break for a month, and then back on the wagon.
And yes, I gave up my beloved lattes, and chocolate; that was really tough.

OP The containers are a brilliant idea! Thankyou! I would never have thought of that 😊
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Look up low carb high fat, or Keto. I've lost over 30kg to get to a reasonable weight, and I've done very minimal exercise.

Personally I have to do both, to lose weight by food alone I have to do very low calories and once I return to normal it comes back.
I am now on the csiro week being diet and it has been amazing, feeling a lot healthier and losing around 1kg per week. It is high protein, low carb and I have found really easy to stick to.
I am also walking between 20 - 30km per week. I see this as a lifestyle change and not a diet.

You could try the Whole 30. Lots of resources available for free online

Absolutely you can lose more weight we diet than exercise but with the two combined it'll happen faster.

Yes definitely can. Just don’t eat things from packets. Cool everything from scratch . No animal product (it’s toxic to humans). You can do this !! You won’t regret it either ! Goodluck

I have witnessed first hand what simple chsnges can do for weightloss! My father stopped drinking take away coffees, soft drink, juice and flavoured milks. He literally just stopped that. Still drank water and instant coffee or tea at home. He lost about 5kilo in the first couple of weeks and within a few months it was really noticeable. I believe he has lost about 20 kilo so far. You dont realise how many calories you can drink. So definitely look at your diet as whole including what you drink. Alcohol for example is FULL of calories and sugars.

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Thankyou ladies. Very helpful and great advice x

Im sure this question has been asked before. Anyway, for me no, not unless I really really restrict my diet, and at that point I get migraines. But for a lot of people yes you definately can.