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Which banks are you with and why? Ive been with the same back for 10 years (Commbank). And in the process of looking at something better and switching over.


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I have numerous bank accounts with most of the main banks. I find suncorp to be amazing and Westpac comes in second.

I have Credit cards with NAB
personal banking with bendigo
business banking with westpac
Did have a mortage with ANZ, but we swapped that to another bank.
Its easy to swap any accounts, anytime.

Swtiched from NAB to ANZ and found it much of a muchness really - they have different strengths and weaknesses but it all evens out. Plus it was a lot of faff and bother and forms and documents, blah blah. Not worth it I think.

I've heard a good thing to do is ring up and ask your bank to give you better rates and they will! They tend to give everyone higher rates & lower interest by default. They call it the 'laziness tax' because if you take the initiative to ask, they'll do you a better deal. Say you're thinking of moving to another bank, do some research & quote some better rates.

I haven't personally done this, I might add! Laziness tax is right. Dunno, might be worth a shot.

We switched to ING. They are awesome. Fee free accounts, no ATM fees at any atm in the world, better interest rates than the big 4.

We are with a customer owned bank called Bank Australia. They used to be a credit union. Have been with them since I was a kid. We've got 2 home loans with them plus our normal bank accounts. Never had any issues with them.

With commonwealth too- every time we find a better deal they will match it (interest rates) or if we say we are thinking of changing because of XXXX they will sort something else out so we don’t leave them. Has saved us heaps of money over the years and they always come to the party! And if you have a home loan with them use their service for a ‘health check’ of your finances, it’s free once a year.

Switching to NAB was the worst thing we did. It took 4 months to get everything sorted out! Wrong accounts, wrong credit card, lost documents. They stuffed up so much they ended up financially compensating me! Am staying with them though because i really cant be bothered going through it all again switching back

We're with ANZ. I opened my first account with them and have just never switched. Our mortgage is with ANZ so we opened a joint account to be able to transfer instantly to/from that and to see all our finances in the one place. The interest rate is good and all of our fees seemed to get waived but we also have our business accounts with them and we don't like the way the statements are set out and couple of other little things so we are going to start looking into switching soon.

I was going to switch to NAB once because they had no account fees but it was so much mucking around I never ended up doing it.