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Labelling school jumpers.

Has anyone labelled a school jumper where the label is visible while wearing the jumper? I get sick of losing the bloody things, and thought I would be much easier if when another child accidentally picks it up to wear it's obvious they got the wrong one?


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I've always marked the tag on the inside. I NEVER write my child's name on the outside of anything they wear or bags etc. This is for their safety, so a stranger can't address them by their name.

If you are going to label the back used coloured iron spots or something rather than a name.

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Great idea! I agree to not use the kids name but something to recognise it, take a photo too so you have proof. Also, stupid question but you'd be amazed how many parents don't do this, have you checked lost property?

Can you put a ribbon on the zip?

OP No zip
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