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What do you use to wash a silk pillowcase?

I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find a silk cleaner. Is woolwash delicates ok?


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I had a silk pillowcase it got very thin and then ripped. I was using normal washing powder but a delicate wash and cycle should be ok. I personally would hand wash my next one

Google it

 I did google. And every answer was a product not available in Australia. Or it says use a silk cleaner...I need to know what cleaner.
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I'd use delicate

 Delicate what?
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 Delicate little petal
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Just water and bicarb. Lux flakes if you must use soap.

Put in laundry bag and wash on delicate cycle
Are you sure it’s silk
Might be sateen

 It’s silk
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 Also was wanting to know what detergent I use, not what cycle to put it on but thanks anyway.
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