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Can you buy a house without anyone knowing?

I mean like can i buy one, apply for loan etc, do it all in my name, on my income etc and not tell my boyfriend at all about any part of it, and move into it and just pretend like I'm renting? Would there be anyway he'd know or find out ? I realise this sounds horrible to keep secrets, I have my reasons lol but I'm curious


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Find a good GOOD lawyer and make contracts and prenups iron clad, water tight, and very specific. Once he moves in with you, and after a while whether you hide or lie about it, half the house Will be his. Be careful and I applaud you for thinking of this now, regardless of what your situation is. I have daughters and I will be teaching them exactly this. I have properties and money that my parents gave us and for my daughters that no one can ever claim any part of. Even if my husband or any future partners or their family are absolutely destitute, they couldn’t even ask for $1. Good luck. Be smart.

 I was told pre nups don’t exist in Australia ? If any can confirm
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 Pre nups don't exist, it's called something else. They don't always hold up in court. Talk to a solicitor.
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 Mine was called a cohabitation agreement. Very good family law specialist. It did get tested and held up, but seperate money being intermingled later made it messy.
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The real question is, why are you with someone who you can't be honest with? Especially with something like buying a house? The only reason I could think of is because you think he will take half of it if you split. Just cut your losses and end it now, obvioysly not a relationship that's going to last anyway.

 Agree with this comment. You want to buy a house and not to risk any one taking part of it. The only way to do it is to choose a life of no love and companionship from a partner. If that is the life you want to for it.
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 -^ that’s a bit ridiculous. You can have companionship and love but keep what’s rightfully yours. Why slave away and buy a house only to have someone claim half of things don’t work out? That person didn’t contribute to it so it’s not theirs.
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 Well that's a bit ridiculous too. Who's to say the other person doesn't contribute? What if the bf is currently providing free accommodation and pays for all living expenses so she has been able to save? What if he won lotto and gave her 50k? And what if they are still together in 20 years, and if it weren't for him working full time while they had a family she would have lost the house? What if he saved her thousands by doing renos or other work to the house so she didn't have to pay for professionals? It doesn't matter anyway, if you can't be honest with your partner for whatever reason then the relationship should end.
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OP The other person doesn't contribute, is a financial leech but won't leave or move out. If they are aware of spare money they will blow whatever they can on substances. I've worked really hard to squirrel away little bits without them being aware. I want something that's mine and I don't want it taken away and blown on a good time.
It's a toxic relationship I need to get out of for sure!
The only way this person will leave my house/my life is if they found someone else to leech off.

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 Again WHY are you with this toxic leech?! Don’t bother buying a house until you get rid of him because it’s obvious that he will try to take part of it - and without a lawyer your secret purchase will most likely come back to bite you in the arse. Dump the bastard!
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 Leave now? Before buying a house, just do it.
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OP I can't leave, all lease, car payments , bills etc are in name, everything is mine. This person won't move out won't go anywhere, wouldn't be able to afford the lease if i left and with break lease I Still have to pay unless someone moves in, but at the moment no one is snapping up rentals. Anyway I just wanted to know about the house buying.:-)
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 Holy shit just kick him out and get the police involved if you have to. When you buy your house don't even tell him where it is. Problem solved. Are you seriously just going to put up with him until he leaves you for someone else? That might never happen.
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While you're pretending you're renting will your boyfriend be living with you? That's the only part that would be difficult, you wouldn't be able to make changes to the house, rates notices would come in the mail, if something broke and he called your "real estate" that'd be awkward 😂
but one way around it would he pretending your parents or another family member own it.

The actual buying of the house would be super easy to hide. My husband bought our first house in his name only when we were dating, I had nothing to do with it and if he wanted to hide it for whatever reason it would have been easy as.

Watch the insight show about prenups on sbs on demand. You’ll learn a lot

It's possible, you could say you are renting from a friend, who may come and do inspections sometimes.
If you are doing keeping it secret so he can't claim a portion of you split, that isn't the way to do it. Talk to a solicitor first and see what they say about protecting your investment.

He could get a title search done by a lawyer, if he suspected you own it. Theres often a care factor that is difficult to cover up, if you own the house rather than rent it. Planting gardens would be a dead give away.
If he was intent on taking money off you, that sort of check is what that type of person may well do.
If he read your rates account when it arrived in the post, that would give it away. If that all happens electronically, all he would need to do is get your password for phone or computer and he could go through your accounts.
if you had to get something fixed, which would normally be referred to the property manager if it was a rental, and you are running around organising the fix, that would be a give away.
If he lives with you for 2 years, which then is considered defacto, he would be entitled to half the paid off portion of the house, even if he did not contribute to rates. It would be half and half assets split then, so your super would be considered an asset too.
And if that became acrimonial, and he went to a lawyer, they would automatically do a title search, and lots of other searches besides.
Its probably not a good start to a relationship to be covering things up either.
If you "have your reasons" for wanting to keep it secret, it sounds to me like there may be some red flags already.
And lastly, with all the rumbles about an imminent property price crash, would buying at this time be a good idea anyway?

why don't you move out to a shelter, get the police incolved, and get rid of him.

Get rid of the bloke before buying a house. When is your current lease up? Don’t renew and move out. Don’t tell him where you have gone, then buy a house safe in the knowledge he can’t get it. Is moving home an option for a short while?

I repeat, your best option is to get rid of the guy. You know yourself he is a leech. You deserve better.

I suggest you look at putting the house in a trust that is yours but not quite yours. There are a few ways to do it but you need professional advice.
I have set up trusts for my two children and each trust owns a house. It means my kids will always have a house to live in no matter what happens in their life after I have gone.
They cannot sell it and it will go to their children after they die so there is always a back up for them if things turn to shit for them.
It is a lot of stuffing around to do it but it makes me feel good that I have their back covered.

If youre going to be living with him and you break up it will form part of the property settlement anyway. You cant hide anything you own from the property pool. It also only costs around $30 to order a title search to see who owns the house.

Unless he is an idiot and you will be living together you wont be able to hide it either. You wont get 3 monthly inspection letters and an inspection by the agent, you wont get leases to sign. What if he prefers the one down the road and the rent is "cheaper" what if he wanta to oay rent straight to agent and not to you first? Something will need fixing. What if he tries to find agent to call to fix it or sends maintenance request? If hes going to be living there you wont be able to hide it.

If he isnt living with you then yeah its pretty easy. I didnt tell my boyfriend at the time until after i bought it and moved in and got him to help my dad paint it haha. You can then do up a financial agreement of sorts before he moves in if you want to keep it out of the property pool if you split.

If he lives with you he can take you for half after six months. If you don’t trust him don’t have him move in.
If you are expecting him to pay half the ‘rent’ that’s another story totally. If you can’t be honest with him then you need a new bloke.

Yeah it'd be doable, but it's a stressful process to buy a house. Just when you think you've done everything, you get an urgent request for some document you've never heard of and it must be in right now! Right this second, wtf are you doing breathing, the bank needs that document! Jesus not that one you goose, something exactly the same but completely different! Ah shit you've sent it to Jenny, that bitch has gone on holidays. Quick email it to Mark! No no no wait, it's Steven! Did you sign it? Aaah you should have signed it! Now we need to get this inspection done, that's gonna be several hundreds of dollars, and oh btw depending on which state you're in, you may not be able to actually get the inspection done until you've committed to purchasing the property. Woops they've found termites, that's going to be an extra $2000 to fix, and that's fairly urgent. Probably should do it before you move in. Don't worry about that leaking pipe though, that's probably not the reason your walls have so much mould inside them.
Wait is that black mould or regular mould? Shit, another $4000 just on that.
And the whole time you still need to pay your mortgage, insurance, and set up a payment plan for your rates (you DID write it into your buying conditions to have them paid BEFORE settlement didn't you). Just get started on next years though. And don't forget to pay the conveyancer and all your stamp duty and such.

Basically, what I'm getting at is, you're going to need a shit tonne of money, a shit tonne of patience, and a bunch of whatever stress relief you turn to. Because purchasing a house is a huge pain in the a*s. Worth it, but still a pain in the a*s! Do your research on the area first, on the house you're keen on, and any legalities surrounding which bills your bf can contribute to without effecting your ownership of the house (ie if he chips in unwittingly to pay the rates, does that mean he then has a claim to part ownership), and then research it all again with fresh eyes. Don't just blindly trust the banks and realtors. Those motherfuckers can be (although not all of them are) slimy bastards who only think about their own pockets.
Good luck!

 When the Contract is drawn up, note your Conditions on it, such as Finance Approval, Termite & Building Inspection. Also, request a copy of the Searches for the property eg, Council Search & Section 7. In SA a 'Form 1' is served, you have a cooling off period, which you can back out of the purchase with for no reason, with no penalties.
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If possible, put it in a trust. Leave it to your child/ren if applicable. Make yourself signatory.
See legal advice, don’t settle on first lawyer.