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would you move to dalby or warwick


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Hell no would I move to Dalby. Warwick I would though. Dalby hasn’t a lot of bad people and while yes everywhere does it’s abit like Goondiwindi. It just gets worse when you experience it first hand. A lot of drugs and people who shoot what they want, when they want.

 Warwick is just as bad! The whole region is full of ice. Google the court lists at 7am every morning, sometimes they are 3 pages long.
Like anywhere it depends on who you associate with.
As for where you live there can be trouble anywhere, you can live in the nicest suburb / area and still have meth dealers for neighbours!
Shame they banned the website that displayed the crime and year/ month of crime at each address set out on a map.

Although just because a house doesn’t come up on there doesn’t mean shit. Maybe they are smart enough to get caught.
Saying there are a lot of people that shoot what and where they want is a bit of a stereotype 😂😂😂

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 Well I grew up around there and nearly every young male shoots whatever they want 6 nights a week, in the most cruel sadistic fashion they can before sucking their dogs on it. They make a game out of being chased out of peoples properties for shooting illegaly. Think whatever you want, but it’s a whole lifestyle there and I don’t give a rats whether you agree. They take ‘pigging and roo shooting’ to the most barbaric extremes and make the legitimate shooters look bad.
Whatever you think, is fine with me. I’ll never go back and people also start fights in the street over simple things like fuel pumps.
My opinion, my experiences.

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I would go to Warwick. No way would I go to Dalby.

OP What is the problem with Dalby? I was keen on Warwick but not so sure now

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 Nothing wrong with Dalby, infact I'd prefer it over Warwick as it's a bit more authentic with less posers.

Both places are certainly a step up from some of the crap holes around Noosa where I've been forced to spend a lot of time in the past, so I would not hesitate to go to either Warwick or Dalby.

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Depends on what you're wanting. They're both nice towns, but Warwick is a bit more touristy, closer to the Granite Belt ete, also the weather is slightly colder. Workwise, they would be fairly similar, and I think the drug scene is probably just as bad in both. Shopping is the same, so other than Warwick being a bit more picturesque, there's not much difference.

Depends on what work you have there. I've been to Dalby (in QLD) and didn't mind it actually, but I wasn't staying and having to find work and deal with day to day life. In terms of the remoteness, to me that wouldn't be a problem. I've never been to Warwick though.

Depends on your work needs I guess

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Too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer for me. That applies to most inland places. Unless there is good paying work there.