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How do you treat warts?

My son has a wart on his finger. He’s had it frozen three times but it keeps growing back. New doc says put wart-off on it for three weeks. What has your successful treatment been?


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Apple cider vinegar method - Google it. Worked on my husbands planter wart.

Hi! We just finished with my 8yr old son's obnoxious wart on his finger! One doc put nitrogen on it and the area around it turned purple and a scab formed, which my son pulled off. In the meantime an infection developed under the wart!
The next doc just prescribed an antibiotic for the infection and asked us to use Wart paint after the antibiotic course. That just took care of it. Now his finger is almost clear.
Sharing the details because we had a bad experience with treatments and no one we knew had any experience.
Hoping your boy comes out of this stronger and more resilient.😊

 Thankyou so much. We are doing the wart off paint and duct tape treatment. Doc said continue for 21 days. Wart is in an awkward spot so we are wrapping his hand in a bandage to keep the tape down.
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My daughter had a wart on her finger that wouldn’t go away with any treatment. She had it for at least 6 months. When she was in year 6 she told me she saw an aloe Vera plant on the way home from school and put the juice on her wart because she read aloe Vera would help. I made her show me the plant she used. It was pig melon ! The wart disappeared two days later and never returned.

Frozen banana peel every night on it, cover with a plaster for about 4 - 5 days. Sounds weird I now but works

I had a stubborn and very painful plantar wart on the base of my foot. I used all those freeze things but none of them worked. Didn’t even make a bit of difference to it. Wart off got rid of it though. So yes, I concur with your new doc 👍 wish I’d gone straight to the wart off .

Thats the stuff that i used on my daughter, it worked great and has not been a reoccurring problem. Just be careful to follow the direction as it is very potent.

With respect. Every wart deserves a little respect :)

Uptons paste from a compounding pharmacy. You don't need a script. Killed my son's warts in a week

I always end up digging my warts out. The most recent one was a plantar wart at the base of my toes. I lopped the top off and picked out the middle of it, right down to the core, it hurt but after about a week I realised it wasn't growing back like usual. Shit was turning dark and just came away bit by bit. But I don't recommend that for your son. It's a painful thing to do. Try the wart off or try some apple cider vinegar to smother it.

Honestly find a new doctor and get it cut out.

 Doc had a good feel around and said the wart isn’t deep so wart off should help. But if not, I’ll have to ask to get it cut out.
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