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Where do you start a big clean?

High to low, small job first, 1 room at a time? Seems overwhelming. Not sure where to begin


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I start a big clean by first getting thehouse tidy, every thing in its place and give a quick vacuum just to keep the dirt and dust down and then I go through room by room. When I do a big clean it is usually for a rental inspection so I have a list of what needs to be done. Usually I empty the room as best I can, wash the walls with sugar soap, wipe the skirting boards , window ledges, door frames and clean out the window tracks. Dust for cobwebs on the ceiling. Vacuum around the edges of the room and then the rest of the floor, moving beds and furniture. Clean the windows and then return everthing back neatly then move on to the next room. I use suger soap or warm water with dish wash liquid to clean the walls with a sponge, about 4 microfibre cloths which I rotate when they get too wet, spray and wipe or vinegar and water and windex.

kitchen and a load of washing. If I hang washing out it starts off something inside me that wants to get everything washed, hung, brought in, folded and put away . The cycle just repeats all day 😂 Inbetween the washing I clean, starting with the kitchen, then bathrooms, toilet, lounge, bedrooms and floors. I try and get a room done before a load finishes in the machine. And I try not to go anywhere or look at my phone until it's all finished it interrupts the roll I'm on 😂 Pump the music and just get stuck into it.

Thanks everyone. I do a big clean once every month or so, so it actually isnt too bad. Takes about an hour to do the whole house from top to bottom once i get going. I have just finished nearly everything. Got fans and got to mop, also a huge pile of washing to fold 😣 my daughters room is another story. Going to take a week for that clean lol, i dont count her room haha! Lucky i have a small house 👍

Find something you don't mind doing, for me it's stripping the beds and bathing all the washing and getting it started, loading the dishwasher and doing the sink and tidying the coffee table. Doing these I get a sense of achievement and get into the swing of things so just keep up the momentum. My most hated is outing clean washing away so I crank up the music and dance it away 😂

 *collecting* all the washing
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I start in my ensuite and move to the toilet and bathroom. I like to feel accomplishment quickly to keep me motivated. Then I do bedrooms and load crap into the living. When I get to the living it is a mess but most of it is either file or dump. It works for me.