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I phoned up centrelink and now I'm more confused? Please help

I phoned up to ask about reporting income as I am restarting work after another baby. I was told that I can do it online(I started today). However I'm only working about 5 hours currently and when I went to do it, it asked me some questions, like if I'm working more than 10hours. I'm not, and so it said I don't need to report until I do, or until I'm certain I don't work more? I tried to do it again today and it must have saved my response, because now it doesn't give me any options and I have to phone them? The other question was that I'm not currently getting FTB for this recent addition even though I got parental leave and filled the child forms in etc. He said I could do that online too, but when I go to make a claim it's saying I'm not eligiable for it. Any one got any experience on this they could share? I will have to phone up again, but now I'll have to wait a few days because I just don't have time the next few days.. Thanks for anything


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To be honest Centrelink is not my cuppa....
Had a second child and couldn’t find online if we are even eligible for a baby bonus or parental leave..
I would say you can get parental leave OR ftb .. not both.. and they would depend on the amount of hours you (and your hubby combined?) work also.
Maybe call again and get them to explain more, or just go in and visit a Centrelink office.

 Thank you for the added motivation. I was thinking of visiting... but feared they'd say something like 'go online or phone' :) You can't get them simultaneously, but I once completed the leave I assumed you'd get the ftb.. sigh. anyway...! :P
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