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Drama Queen MIL

My FIL broke his arm today and my mother in law wants us to cancel our 5 week OS trip we are going on Sat
She wants us to help her around the house
What would you say to her or do


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Any other family or friends around to help? He broke his arm which sucks but surely he will not be bedridden for goodness sake. I'm sure she'll manage..

My mother in law is a drama queen
My father in law had to go to hospital and my hubby said call an ambulance and mother in law said why we have You
We cancelled our holiday in case mother in law made our holiday hell
Luckily we got some money back from airline and accodamtion was free cause we were going to stay with my sister and her kids

 Why did you cancel? Shoulda just switched your phone off, blocked her from your Facebook and pretended she didn't exist for the duration of your trip.
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 She’s not on Facebook
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 If she is not on Facebook then great, one less medium she can make your life hell.
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Like what needs doing? Get hubby to do a mow and whipper snip this arvo. If you live in qld then it won't need doing again for months.

Tell her she needs to reimburse you for all money you have paid first.

Hand her the number for Jim's mowing/a cleaner etc and make it clear that you won't be paying the bills for those services 😂 Then say 'Bye now Felicity' and get to packing your bags. Oh chuck a box of chocolates at your father in law for the broken arm and sudden loss of ability to function even half way normal! Bahaha.

My grandmother lives by herself and manages around the house just fine. Tell her to stop being so dramatic. He only broke his arm, he will still be able to do some stuff

Tell her shes being unreasonable and if she can't handle things around the house to contact council or someone to help