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Husband getting email spam

So I had to go into husbands email for a bill and he has a couple emails recently for hot meet ups. He doesn’t know how he got them but it says you are receiving this email because you subscribed. I am usually a very trusting person and thought my husband would never do things like this but now I am questioning every thing. Maybe he is just like every other male out there. I don’t know what to do. He has been really loving and has genuinely told me he doesn’t know how it got there but I’m not so sure it’s not all an act. I really thought we had something that would last now I’m not so sure. What should I do?


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I get spam of this type too and I certainly have not signed up for them or subscribed. Singles groups and others that are quite crude, even in their opening messages. Unless they have personal information that only he could have given them, I would click unsubscribe and see what happens.

Do not click on unsubscribe!! Just report the email as spam and phishing, and delete. As soon as you click on 'unsubscribe', they know they've got an active email address and will hammer your with spam.

Using your husband computer, keep an eye on the ads that pop up. They indicate the sort of search terms he's been using. Check the search history as well (open all browsers - chrome, IE, etc... And check their histories).

 I get stuff like that in my junk and I Google this site, Facebook and recipes, so nothing to do with my searches on chrome. "Recipes using chokos" isn't closely linked to "have affairs with local ladies" or whatever haha
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I get them too. I haven’t signed up to this or anything similar. I’m female and straight and keep getting details about women suitable for me- they even know where I live! I have to laugh in a way. But I’m going to report it to the GDPR as unsolicited mail. obviously at some point a company has shared my information. This is highly unethical. Please everyone, report this. If we all do, action may be taken.

I was on online dating site, and a guy I became good friends with found my profile photo on a site called "date tall girls", which we both thought was hilarious, as I am 5 foot 2 !
He sent me the screen shot to prove it, when I said "you've got to be kidding".
Some dating sites are riddled with scammers, and they all use stolen photos. They have got to be getting those photos from somewhere, and they are always searching for targets.
It is easy to download and save any photo you find online, and thats what the scammers do, along with profile details.
After reading this I am really relieved that mine was only found on another dating site.

Omg. My husband was getting the newsletter from the local brothel. He reckons he never signed up. I retrieved all his emails. He actually hadnt opened the rude ones. Hed signed up before he met me. Idiot. Unsubscribe idiot. Too embarassed for me to know he likes hookers hahaha

I get them too, just have to keep putting them in the junk bin! You just have to be careful with your email cause companies sell your info to these sleazy sites and they will spam you relentlessly. Hubby is most likely telling the truth. If he was hiding something he wouldn’t have let you on his email.

Did he used to have an online dating profile? Or sign up to anything before you got together? Companies trade emails all the time so I wouldn't worry. He could simply unsubscribe but the easier option would get a whole new email and be careful who he gives it out to

Does he play online games? Does he hand over his details to various sites? I.e win a shopping voucher? My husband got a few of these emails too from hotmeetups and when I tried to login with his email it said email account not find. He told me about the emails too. There are websites you give your info to that will sell your details to these sites. I think they got his from a gaming site.

Both me and my husband get them on our new emails. We got rid of our old as too much spam.

Some online dating sights actually sell your details onto other dating sites and set up actual profiles. Happened to a friend. We found it when googling our names. It literally said she was online right now despite sitting next to me. Had all these old photos from like 12 years ago on there.

I get them too! And I get Lola and Sadie from xxx wanting to swap photos with me and I have NOT signed up to anything!