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Who has to pick up the dog poo?

My dog goes outside to poo but doesn’t like to do it on our lawn so goes to the neighbours lawn to do it. They have said to keep off their lawn so I do. Now they have told me I need to stop my dog pooing on their lawn and to pick it up. I said I shouldn’t have to because they told me I had to keep off their lawn and I can’t stop my dog from pooing there.
Am I legally obligated to pick up the poo? They said they will call the counsel.


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Are you serious?! Your dog, your poo, you pick it up. And, why is your dog free to wander off next door? Hope this is a troll post, I hate irresponsible dog owners.

OP But the neighbour told me not to go on their property. I can’t pick it up if they won’t let me in there
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 Don’t let your dog off property then.
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OP I have to he has an inner ear problem and has to go off my property to poo or he will fall and hurt himself
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 Ever heard of a fence?
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OP I have a fence but it doesn’t go all the way because those neighbours told me I have to get a fence that matches theirs or none at all
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 You’re full of bullshit excuses, OP. Stop trolling or if this post is legit, don’t own a dog if you can’t be a responsible owner.
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Keep your dog in your yard! If I was your neighbour I would call the pound to pick up your dog and the council about the poo

OP I can’t keep him in the yard. He has a inner ear problem and needs to be free
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 I think you have an inner ear problem. Like, right between your ears 🙄
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 Lol yes!! ^ 👏🏼
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Geez if ur dog kept shitting on my lawn, I'd Pick it up myself just so I can throw it at you 💩

Call the poo patrol service in your area, they will come and pick it up and use to to help fertlise organic fruit and veges grown locally.

OP What’s a poo control service
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 It's like poo police but only poopier
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You are legally obliged.

OP They told me it’s trespassing if we go into their property
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 Well, it is. I’d be so pissed off if I was your neighbour and your dog was continually shitting on my lawn, even if you did pick it up.
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 Exactly. I’d despise this neighbour coming in my yard and it’s dog shitting. Would be enough for me to build a fort fence or move!!
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