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Favorite chocolate?


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All these people mentioning Cadbury - have you not tried Whittaker’s?

 Whittakers is a 2nd for me but definately Cadburys' first. Especially the ones that were made in Dunedin but I think they closed that factory now.
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Cadbury's have changed their receipe too much it just takes like sugar now, it's overwhelming. I like to have some actual cocoa with my chocolate thanks.

Aldi’s Chocolier (sp?) the dark chocolate with hazelnuts variety is my absolute favourite! 🍫

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Ferrero Rochers, Cadbury Fruit & Nut, Strawberry Freddos, peppermint crisps...too many favourites!


 There’s a mint limited edition out now
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 There used to be a white chocolate one. But you can't beat the original, straight out of the fridge.
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 Oh no i hate cold chocolate. It doesn't melt in your mouth as well.
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Cadburys cookies and cream white chocolate, not sure if they still make it I rarely buy it, but its delicious.