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Smoking Meth Occasional Use

I was talking to one of my best friends, we hadn't chatted in a while. I'd recently met a man and we have these steamy sex sessions and smoke meth together. Now keeping this in mind, I only smoke it with this guy when we see each other twice in a week or sometimes once a fortnight. My best friend hears the word meth and unbeknownst to me calls my sister and tells her I'm smoking meth. My sister then says that she's disgusted with me for even touching meth at all and she believes I need to seek professional help. But I feel like they're both freaking out over nothing. I'm not an addict. But they're treating me like one! My sister has even threatened to tell our parents if I don't seek therapy! I feel so hurt that my best friend betrayed my confidence and feel very harshly judged by them both. Am I wrong in thinking that I can casually use meth and keep it under control or do my sister and bestie have every right to do what they've done to me. I feel like such a piece of shit.


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I'm a recovered drug addict, I will tell you truth..
This is HOW you become a full blown addict, you don't think you have a problem, YOU would never be an addict. You don't NEED it to have amazing sex.
You fool yourself in to thinking you're in control and it's a choice..
Until one day, a long while from now you realise it's not an active decision you made every day and instead an addiction.
Do you think there are many drug addicts out there that just started smashing into the drugs full force?
No.. they started just like you and so did I.
I lost my family, my career, my children, my youth, my beauty and half of my life by lying to myself like you are right now.

If it's so easy not to smoke it, then I challenge you to stop right now. If you can't, it's too late.

 This. Please listen to your family. There is absolutely nothing good about meth. Nothing.
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 Good on you for turning your life around and using your experience to educate others 😊
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I don’t know if you will get an addiction where you need it all the time but let me tell you a few stories. These are from people who were my friends, are probably still sweet people but who are now battling a demon that they always thought, and still think, they had control over. Let me tell you about meth.

A young mum needed some money and started stripping. To get through the few nights a week she worked she started smoking meth. She was trying to do what was best for her baby, food and clothes aren’t free, a roof over his head was more important than her dignity. She then started needing more. Now that little baby she gave her all for is being raised in another home, away from his mum.

An 18 year old boy with his life ahead of him just wanted to have a little fun on the weekends. He just started getting used to the real world and having a job, he liked blowing off some steam every weekend by smoking a point. He got in too deep. He couldn’t afford it and started stealing. He lost his job, his family, his freedom. He had to start stealing to afford his addiction. He now will have a record for life, limiting his future opportunities.

Now I want to tell you my story.

It started that he needed something to help him cope with the grief of losing someone close. Then he started using it a few times a week. Before I knew it he was skipping out on our family so he could get high. It ended for me when my kids were screaming while he was beating me, he went into a meth rage like before but this was different, he held us hostage, I tried to run and he tackled me to the ground. He didn’t think he had a problem, he thought it was under control. It started out with an occasional high, it continued until he went to jail because of that high.

You never see the problem until your buried up to your neck. Don’t let it get that far.

 Sad stories. But thanks for opening up.
Op I hope you see this and go and seek help and don’t turn your back on those that clear deeply for you. Drop that guy your sleeping with. There are millions of people in the world, not all need meth for a good sex session. And your family and bestie are the ones that know best. Listen to them. Quit now before you’re in too far. It will happen before you know it

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 Hugs to you mama
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If you want to be a scummy meth addict, then you go right ahead, because that's where you're heading. Stop trying to glamourise meth use by labelling it as 'occasional' and then going on to describe your sex life because of it. Might I point out that there is a big issue if you need meth to have great sex.

Nearly lost my brother to meth. He had it "under control" for years.
Actually his started with speed and escalated to meth which escalated to ice.
The thing about it is lots of people actually aren't instantly addicted like they say (all his childhood friends fell into it)
It's the sort of drug you don't realise your addicted until you are.
And let me tell you it's horrid.
We lost him to it for about 10 years I'd say, at his rock bottom he weighed 40kg had scabs all over his face and went into a phycosis and spent 3 months in a the hospital mental unit.
Came out got clean, had a small relapse, went back to hospital
Then got clean.
Now he got clean himself, becoming a raging alcoholic then coming off that.
He's now a doting dad and looks the picture of health, so it ended well for us, but all of his friends are still in ditches, different levels of smoking meth.
All in shit places.

It's just not with it.

Now at the risk of someone knowing him I'll say this....His addiction went full tilt when his new gf at the time overdosed with him. She only smoked with him. She was nice and lovely and we were hopeful at the time she's influence him. Great job great family great future.
Thrown away.

Don't be an idiot and think your under control. Assuming you have kids... just don't do this again

I've known a few that had it "under control"... they've lost their houses, cars, careers, wives and kids. And their proper, actual mates. A great relationship with epic sex doesn't need anything to "spice it up". It's not worth it and I hope the judgement that you're soooo offended by has woken you the hell up

Your loved ones are right to look out for you. I don't believe there is such a thing as being a casual meth user and it not developing into needing more of it to get high. Great sex sessions shdnt need anything else to spice it up! Dump that guy he will lead you down the wrong path believe me. I lost my brother to drugs.....he is still physically here but starting using meth age 16. His emotional development stopped when he started, he is 43 now and still like a teenager. He has hep c, his brain is melted he has cognitive issues liver damage kidney damage God knows what else looks like a skeleton terrible teeth..... He has been in and out of jail all his friends are users and abusers and not real friends at all and we the family have had to let him go after 25 painful traumatic years we have all suffered so much and especially him. He has wasted his life. Drugs come first and he doesn't see his children or anyone. He would spend his last cent on drugs and go without food or shelter its his everything. And it all started from casual use once a week on weekends! Please stop!! There are plenty of places you can go get some discreet counseling for free to learn more and make an informed decision. But don't be upset with your family for looking out for you. We should have rallied around my brother way back when and given him extreme consequences when he actually would have cared and maybe quit for us. Another thing is I work with senior with dementia and our consultant psychiatrist said that soon we will be having a whole new clientele... ppl in their 40s and 50s with early onset dementia caused by meth use. Something else to think about it damages the brain that much.

I'd honestly be disgusted with any of my friends or family using meth too. Or any illicit drug. And yes it would forever taint them in my mind. Like provided they stopped using I wouldn't hold it against them forever, but it would always be somewhere in the back of my mind that they weren't the person I thought they were. Please listen to the other posters and their stories, and get help before it's too late.

This drives me crazy with "casual" drug users. I only do it every now & then it's totally cool. I only do bath salts & eat people every now & then...where do you draw the line?? You draw it by not crossing it. Just don't do it. Why play with fire??

 assume you never ever drink or smoke, right? 2 biggest killers.
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 Meth doesn’t kill? have you any stats or evidence to suggest meth is a harmless drug? How the hell do you defend any kind of meth use? Yes I’m waiting.
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 I used to smoke cigarettes, never touched illicit drugs so I can only share my experience with nicotine addiction. It began as a casual thing. I’d smoke a few ciggies on the weekend while out with friends, before smoking become banned pretty much everywhere and was very much socially acceptable. I thought I could stop anytime I wanted. How wrong I was Over a short time I started wanting cigarettes more and more. And then in no time I was addicted and smoking a pack a day. This is how starts for most smokers, and I imagine for any substance user. Most people who smoke do not do it just occasionally. Unless the use is short term. Because it’s addictive, and this Is how addiction starts. Same as any addictive substance, including meth. And it’s a well known fact meth is highly addictive. You don’t need stats to realise that causal use of any addictive substance can very quickly and very easily become regular use.
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I stopped using bleach when I had kids. WHY for heaven’s sake would you use meth and try to pass it off as if it’s ok? Wake up love.

So just to play devils advocate here but alot of people drink alcohol, it don't make them all alcoholics. This was the ultimate reason for my post. That they are treating me like I'm a drug addict. Some people have a more addictive personality. Anyway I'm sorry I told them anything about my life now because they've judged me to be white trash and as many people have said they're not going to forget even if they forgive me. Feels like my life is over.

 Jesus Christ are you really comparing drinking to smoking meth?
My kids dad was a violent drunk, nothing compared to a crack head flipping out.
Stop justifying yourself to us, it’s pointless.

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 Most people can handle an occasional drink. For most people occasional meth becomes regular meth. Youreally are risking a hell of a lot for ‘mind blowing sex’.
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 ^please show statistics on this. Its a false claim. i know loads of people who use meth occasionally.
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 ^ google ‘how addictive is meth’. So much evidence to prove it. Do you really believe all those people you know who say they use it occasionally really are?
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 2 up. That says more about you knowing loads of people. They prob just don’t tell you that they do it all the time. Only when they do it with you maybe 😳
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 They probably won't forgive you at all if you don't stop. Make a choice and deal with the consequences.
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 ^^2 up, first up, I dont do meth. Second, how do you know all those people you think do it all the time actually do? Same thing.
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 stats are based on government studies, including whats found in sewerage. so, actually more accurate than something you read in a sensationalist clickbait newspaper.
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 Me above - waiting for the stats on addiction vs casual use. Please show me how nearly every user gets addicted. Im waiting.
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 3 up. People don’t tell me they do it all the time. I am a nurse, it’s obvious. Everyone says they do it occasionally
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Answered by OP

Thanks guys for your honest answers. I'm just feeling really hurt by their judging attitudes though too. It feels like their opinions of me are forever tainted now even after I've quit and dumped this guy. They'll never look at me in the same way and I feel like that's not helping me right now, it's just making me feel really awful about myself. And all for something I'm not yet even addicted to! It feels so unfair. I get they think they're helping me but I just feel so harshly judged.

 I think probably they are being so harsh and judgemental because they are scared and also they want to be tough with you to get the msg across. It's probably a bit right and a bit wrong approach because it makes you not want to confide in them. I'm the person that posted about my bro above and it was only a few years ago I even thought to talj to him non judgmentally about drugs. It opened up new conversations for us and I learned more about what he originally felt when he started using wish we did it before. I'm sure they want to help you and this is all they know how to that's why going to an anon free counselling place is good as they are non judgemental and more professional about it. And know heaps of stuff. I'm also sure they can move on from this and love you and respect you same as always. Xxx
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 What kind of reaction were you expecting? This is meth. METH. A hard core drug that is highly addictive, and highly destructive..... not just for the person using it but for everyone round them. If they love you, they will stand by you if you see sense and stop. Sounds like tough live is what you need right now. I don’t believe you can casually use a drug like this and then just stop. Not long term. So while you can, stop now before it completely ruins your life.
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 OP, You feel bad because you're ashamed, you know what you are doing is stupid.
Judgement doesn't bother us if we know deep down that we are in the right.
They're not beinf bitchy, they're worried about you.

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 some people believe everything they read in the media. Use your own judgement OP
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 Op this too will pass!! You've already made an effort enoug for them to get over it pretty soon
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 So you dumped him in the last 3 days? You posted this 3 days ago saying you ‘have’
Now you claim you have dumped him and stopped using. What would you do if he called you now to make plans? 3 days is not long enough to make such a claim

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 In saying that I really hope you do sort yourself out xxx
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You ARE smoking meth though, and unfortunately this is how it becomes a full blown addiction. I had a lovely male friend back in the day, used to take cocaine on the weekends at the clubs with his mates. Then every other day, with his mates, cos he believed it was casual use. Next thing I know, he's in so deep and using so often he's selling it to pay for his habit.

It's not a good recreational activity to share with a new partner or boyfriend, and while you feel betrayed, it's most likely only out of your friend and family's concern and worry for you

I believe it sounds like you have things under control. Everybody will have their own opinions and horror stories but we don’t live our lives to please everyone else do we? Yes your sister and bestie are obviously concerned for you hence why they’ve acted the way they have but when where is the line drawn? Do I personally think they stepped over a line here, hell yes. If you were my best friend instead of putting you down and staging some kind of intervention I’d be turning up to your place with a shoulder to lean on but firstly to hear your side of the story. No where in your original post did it mention that they asked questions first, it was straight up judgement from them both. It’s crap too because now you’ll worry about who you can trust with your secrets.
I know she’s your sister but no matter what you say or do she’ll believe she’s done the right thing and believe she’s acted with your best interests at heart. As for this so called bestie, she should’ve come to you first with her worries, not ran straight to your sister.
To me it just sounds like some harmless fun with a male friend. Some people should look in the mirror first before they point their judgy fingers at others, but hey that’s just my opinion.
Chin up beautiful lady xxx

 Absolutely nothing harmless about meth.
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 Sounds like u use to be honest hence why u think its ok
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 Omg this response 😨🤭
She has everything under control and people hvs “horror stories”
These stories are people sharing their own demons in the HOPES that the op won’t make the same mistakes. They’re trying to save this person by opening up which they didn’t have to.
But you have some awesome ‘theories’ that will help the op go deeper.. you have it all under control’ it’s ‘harmless fun’
Not sure which part of meth allows harmless fun without ruining lives.. sounds like you’re a user giving this advice.
And lastly, who is judging? Everyone sharing their stories in hopes to help, is not judgement. Open your eyes

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 Yeah... meth use is 'harmless fun'.

You shouldn't offer advice to anyone.

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 This commenter is a user most definitely. I hope you have a sister and bestie who will look out for you I think you need it
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 Beautiful lady 😂 (written by someone that no doubt needs 3 beauty apps just to post a 3am selfie on Facebook to take away the 3 day gone look and filters to make your Nike swoosh shine on the same tank top you have been wearing for a week)
Don’t forget to make sure your crack pipe is not sat in the back ground of your selfies... that will get you pinched 💯

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 Thanks ladies for your comments. I myself have used meth in the past casually so I speak from experience. I wasn’t an addict and I didn’t depend on it in any way. That’s the only reason I believe if she’s careful and it is only casual that she can keep it under control. I totally agree with her family and bestie looking out for her but it’s the going behind her back that has hurt her she’s saying. Instead of trying to approach her the bestie has gone straight to her sister. Why not try talk to her about it first? Get her side of the story. I understand people have bad stories of tragedies that have happened to them or loved ones and I do feel sorry for them. Im sticking to my opinion though that she can use it casually and not be an addict
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Ive taken a lot of different drugs over a long period of time and I can definately say that different drugs affect different people differently. There is a real double standard around meth because some people enjoy it and some people dont enjoy the affects at all, but those who dont enjoy it will make it out to be the devil drug yet other drugs are ok. straight out hypocrisy.
Having said that, its definitely possible to become addicted to it and I think you need to be really careful here. If you are one of those who enjoy it its really easy to keep doing it more and more. Not everyone does fall into that despite all the OTT stories you read on here. I know many people who have kept it to occasional use. But quite a few cant keep it that way. I guess only you know which one you are.

  how far do you have to go before you know which one you are? Hell of a gamble.
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 Yes I think meth is a devil drug but f**k me it's not because I tried it and didn't like it! And prefer other drugs! Um no I'm a law abiding citizen who would never touch drugs with a ten foot pole and don't need that in my life. Doesn't mean i havent been affected I'm the person who wrote about my brother its not an PRY story its real life and my whole family have been tortured by his drug use. My cousin hung herself because of withdrawal from heroin being too much. Seen many of my brothers friends also lose their lives to drugs . Who are these ppl you associate with who keep it to casual use . Why are you acting so blaise about drug use and encouraging this girl? Maybe u need to also take a long hard look in the mirror and at ppl you hang with
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 *OTT not PRY
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 It’s offensive to say the stories are OTT.
They are reality, and there are thousands more stories in our communities exactly like the ones we read here. So many lives & families destroyed.
Lucky for you, you aren’t a statistic - but that doesn’t give you the right to belittle others experiences.

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 9honey trying to get some controversy 😂
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 Im not belitting her, actually the reverse is true, its the people who have used meth who are being belittled. I didnt encourage her either. I said be careful. But I can tell you from personal experience that horror stories and scaremongering will have the exact opposite affect to what you want, because, as soon as they see somebody use meth and not instantly become fu***d up they stop believing the story at all.
As for people who use it on occasion - fifo workers, ravers, gay scene, music festivals. Loads. Not everyone smokes it. Have a look at the real stats on how many have tried speed and how many are actual addicts.

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 ^same with alcohol. Plenty of alcoholics out ther.
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 Meth is not the regular choice at raves, the hot doesn’t last long at all. More pills , coke etc. Gay scene ... you are being naive and maybe what’s the word for racist to gays ??? Pills and coke too. Fifo workers often get addicted to meth, it is a common occurrence on the mines, my bestie is a drug tester/ councillor over on some pert sites. Usually starts with coke on days off and meth while working.
Meth is one of the most addictive drugs.

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 'whats the word for racist to gays" - I think you mean homophobic? Do you even understand what that word means? Its a well known fact theres a lot of casual use of drugs in the gay scene.
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This is exactly how my friend started. Only occasional, had it under control, no one had to worry, slowly got worse, she was using more when she was coming down, now unfortunately she isn't with us anymore. She passed away 2 years ago after being a full blown addict.

 I know a mumma of four kids that passed in the same situation. Died with a needle in her arm 🤬🤬😡😡
Even though she made the choice to start by smoking meth for ‘mad sex sessions’ I would still like to run over the bloke helped her become involved in the shite.

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 I’m so sorry for you both. This must be gut wrenching, reading people saying how it’s ok to use meth occasionally and the likes, and you’ve lost loved ones to it. My heart breaks for you. And I just hope the idiots that posted such rubbish suggesting occasional use is ok; can learn a lesson from stories shared, especially these

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