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Has anyone done online study through inspire education? Looking at doing diploma in early childhood education


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I did it and would absolutely never reccommend it. The reason it is so cheap is because its shithouse! So you get online, you download a workbook and a learner guide, eg. Health and safety (number 1) well some of the info for that module is in another LG- maybe number 8... but you dont know that and you keep looking through LG 1 thinking youve missed the answer. The Qs are ridiculously repetitive! The case studies are also fu***d. Stuff like making a video involving 3 staff members and youre reprimanding a senior staff member for gossiping. They take MONTHS to mark work. Some assors say 'not enough info in your answers, some say too much'. Fire any other questions you have to me and ill reply later on. Ive worked in the industry for nearly 10 years btw. Just gotta put shopping away x

OP Oh far out that doesn’t sound good at all :( it’s so cheap and I just kept thinking it must be too good to be true why so cheap!? I checked with my best friend who is in the industry the units that they cover and they were all correct so I thought ok must be something else going on with this company. Is there another correspondence company you would recommend studying through? I have 2 kids (6.5Yr old and 14month old) that I will have to work around with studying so I can’t do full time study
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Don't do it. I would never recommend by correspondence to anyone. I attempted that one. I never knew what the hell was going on & i was guessing half the time, never knew if i was on the right track. I wish I'd tried it in class. I'm someone who needs answers to my questions otherwise it gets put on the back burner & forgotten. Didn't complete it total waste of money.

Is there any other correspondence companies that anyone could recommend studying through?? I can’t study full time so must be able to study part time from home :)

Don't do it. Early childhood teachers are paid terribly and do so much work.

 Tell me about it!! The pay is shocking for all that we do.
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OP Oh yes I have heard that the wages are terrible!! It’s ok though I’m not doing it for the pay, I’m wantinf to do this as it’s a role I’m passionate about. I have so much respect for early childhood educators ever since my son was in preschool 2 years ago. They inspired me so much with how much they worked with our family to best help my son who has autism. I want to be the same for other families :)
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I used TAFE and it was okay. The only problem is if you need assistance it can take a bit of time for them to get back to you. Some of their assignments and reading materials are repetitive but that's probably commonplace. Personally I would have preferred to do it on campus for instant clarification but got through and the teachers are lovely when you need them.

I think you should try studying Early Childhood at TAFE - it’s quite intense but you have a lot of support and very experienced Educators.