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WTF is wrong in our schools

It seems everyday I hear or read a article relating to extreme bullying in schools some kids are as young as six getting physically assaulted by other students in some cases students have taken their own lives. What does everyone think is to blame cause surely this can't be something just put in the to hard basket any longer. It breaks my heart for the little kids living with daily. In my day school was a happy place to go so sad it's not the case anymore.


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Bullying has always been there.
I have letters saying how horrible I was, sandwhiches thrown at me, roomies spread, spitballs every single English class, my year 10 artwork ruined.
Even 3 teachers bullied me. Well 1 bullied me, the others were just super assholes.

The change you see is the internet.
The suicides you see is the internet.
If I had access to the internet at 14 I could have googled how to kill myself, if I had access to a gun, I could have killed myself like I wanted.
I stood on a cliff near home and the only reason I didn't jump was the fear that it could fail and I'd be in a wheelchair spoon fed my whole life.

At 18 I move over seas travelled the world and lived and loved life.

The world isn't too different, it's just so tiny now.

 Yes, nothing has changed we Just know more.
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 You are being loved by us now...

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 This response is spot on
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Parenting. Society has parents working and not having time to dedicate to raising children right. Kids have so much control as's parents are exhausted and not up for the battle of discipline. This reflects on their respect for authority and the way they behave in schools. What teacher doesn't love being told to get f***ed. I would never bully because heaven forbid a teacher find out. You knew that resulted in your parents and you sure as heck were scared of the consequences. These days kids get suspended and hang out at the skate park. Not a bash on parents but how society has removed so much time to parent the way our parents did.

 What you have said is so so true. As a teacher myself it is a very tough job. Especially when there is no support from parents and them not supporting and teaching their kids basic manners and respect.
I am tired on being called a mother f***ing c*nt everyday.
Yet I love my job and love the kids.

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 Ummm, I remeber 3 specific occasions where kids made the teachers cry in class.
And a sub trying to get kids to do work?! Ha yeah right.

Kids have always been disrespectful.

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 I work and my kids are the quite sensitive ones, they don’t get bullied because they go to high school with a lot of kids from their local primary school. The bullies are in private schools where the mum is at home.
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 Parents have always worked. What an arrogant narrow minded and actually incorrect response. Working parents are actually more likely to discipline their kids
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 It is not arrogant. I wrote this from experience. Spend a day in a teachers shoes. How about you have your car keyed and be called a f*cking c**t because you tried to pull a kid up on shit all. I have heard kids screaming at principals and then their parents doing the same. They bullied the principal at my sons school. 2 adults and a child in a room yelling at one person like tag team style. The parents angry because they have to have time off work to deal with suspended child so they blame the school. Blame the teacher and the principal. I encourage you to walk these shoes. News articles can say what they like. They don't live it. There is a reason teaching loses so many teachers within the first few years of graduation.
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 Yeah as another responder said, it's always been there it's not new at all, god I remeber some really bad things done to teachers. Really bad and I too remeber teachers crying.
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 So what? One anecdotal story makes something a fact about every working parent. I can give you 10 stories about disrespectful kids from homes where the parents don't work. Neither proves a thing except how ignorant you are
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Well I'm glad school was happy for you for it sure as heck wasn't for me. The bullying has always been there but now you hear about it.

Um have a look on this forum or any internet thread, some people are jerks.
Always have been.

the problem is, would YOU believe the teacher if they told you your child said / acted meanly? In lower primary, most parents don't and instantLy revert to passive blame of the teacher / routines / lack of structure / the other child. Sometimes this 'meanness' can be nothing, other times it evolves and continues as the child ages. Sometimes the mean kids are the 'nice' 'perfect' kids from warm and fuzzy families. Try telling THOSE parents what their child did or said. When you do - it is instant 'shock' denial OR, justifying e.g. ''he wouldn't have done or said that without being antagonised...there must be a trigger, something must be happening that's distressing him...'' so the child goes home with a warm and fuzzy convo with parents trying to get to the bottom of what triggered their precious little angel...with NO actual consequences. So it continues, it becomes sneaky. We perceive bullies to be from red-neck thug families or ultra spoilt upper class obnoxious families. I kid not - it's there amongst the every day kids - they are just don't get on top of the minor 'mean' stuff. The internet makes everything sound worse. ALSO THE PROBLEM IS PEOPLE SAYING ''What the F is wrong with SCHOOLS'' instead of PARENTS!

I just don’t understand why more parents are t pushing for assault charges against the kids that do this kind of stuff. I don’t care if they are 6 there are consequences to their actions!

Bullying is around EVERY where! It’s an absolute tragedy. At the end of the day, it’s the parents responsibility. It’s your responsibility to bring up kind and resilient children. Be around, be present, be there!

Because we arnt allowed to smack

 Yeah, cos smacking is the only form discipline 🙄
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