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Why do we need belly buttons

Like if someone gets a tummy tuck why do they try to keep the belly button so much and try to make sure it stays alive. Can't they just get rid of them?


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Birth control! If my husband didnt have something to aim at I would have 30 kids by now!

 Omg. I laughed so hard at this!!
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 I laughed out loud, very funny.
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 Omg!! Love it. I think we should be friends lol
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If it's after an operation they like to make the affected area look as normal as possible for the mental health of the patient. Like, when people get prosthetic limbs after an amputation. They don't go for big hairy gorilla limbs or octopus tentacles do they. They opt for human like ones. Plus, I think with belly buttons it's one of those areas that need to be really looked after. An infection so close to that many internal organs can be deadly (at least that's what my mother said whenever I wanted to get my bellybutton pierced as a teen).

My ex bil has no belly button due to a hernia operation as a baby. Weirdest thing out, we need these useless things just so we look normal 😂

In all honesty, give it a a decade(I sound so old!). Some supermodel or celeb will do it and the craze will begin