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Why do some parents let their kids run around and be loud in public

Hubby and I were having coffee yesterday at coffee shop and 20 kids with 5 adults came storming in and loud and adults didn’t care
Hubby went shh to some kids and one adult said we can tell who is childless
I said we have 5 kids and they respect their environment
The adult was red as a beetroot


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WOW maybe I parent differently to all of the above but my child would never behave that way in public. I have raised my kids to behave in public. It's not a play ground it's a shop. They can run amuck at home, at friends, school or a park but out at shops, cinemas, cafes, hospitals, funerals, weddings etc you behave!

Common sense really yes they are kids but they should still show some respect to others and the surrounding they are in.
Screaming in a coffee shop or restaurant s not okay.

And no before people call me posh or up myself Im a regular mum doing it tough, but still was raised to have manners and pass them on to my kids!

 100% agree with you.
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 I think a lot of replies are taking the piss 😉 But I do agree that kids should be brought up to behave when out and about. They don't have to be perfect, the main bit I look for is parents that are at least trying (telling them to be quieter etc) and not just letting them run amok. And certainly pull them up if they are making a mess that someone else will have to tidy up, that really annoys me.
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 I think you mean *run amok*
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 Yes, this is common sense. The problem is that a lot of made up questions get posted on the forum and people don't have the energy to continue to respond to them so when they feel the question is made up they often reply with frustrated made up answers.
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Let’s pretend this isn’t another troll post.
Kids need to learn to behave in their environment. I have no problem with kids misbehaving in public when the parents are attempting to correct their behaviour. They have to learn and if the parents are trying to teach them that’s fine. But when people let their children run around, especially in places like coffee shops where there are people walking around with hot coffee, then they need to be pulled up on it. I can take my children with me anywhere and know they will sit down and do as they’re told, if they can’t they get one warning and we are out of there with a punishment waiting for them as soon as we leave. Raise your children properly people!

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 Preach it sister
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 When my kids were younger the general rule was if they weren't sure how to behave in a situation they just copied me. Worked well.
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Why do people insist on trying to enjoy peace and quiet in the coffee shop I just want my kids to run riot in?
Excuse me, if my 20 kids are going to ruin my coffee time at home they can damn well ruin your coffee time too!

Coz kids will be kids and Susan's like you don't seem to understand that kids are not robots and are loud

Because some days I just get so annoyed with my loud annoying crotch fruit destroying my house and ruining my day, that I take them out to annoy other people and ruin their days too. I'm pleasant like that 😊

the parents are bogan attention seekers and so become the kids. I'm all for kids coming with me to the coffee shop but people seem to let their kids act like loud mouth piggy grubs. you can enjoy like and be happy / joyful without being an obnoxious deadshit

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When I get disapproving looks when my kids are being kids, i love it!! At least they ate having fun instead of being zombies staring at a screen. Coffee shops are for everyone, that's why they invented babycinos 😁

Because their kids are precious little angels, free spirited and no one else can tell them what to do. They make their own rules. Also, they are arseholes.