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Anyone wear ben-wa balls to work or for long periods of time?


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Lol I don't want people to know but I do.

 Do they hurt after a while? How long are you talking? Do they work?
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 Well, i did it. I used them for approximately 6hrs today, an hour before work and then 5hrs at work. They didnt come out, i couldnt feel them- actually forgot they were in for most of the day. They dont hurt at all. The doctor told me these balls help your body do kegels without consciously doing kegels. So instead of remembering- must do my pelvic floor exercises, your body just does it. I have previously used them at home before but today was the first time at work. There was also absolutely no pleasure from them- although they do have a mini weights inside the balls that is suppose to increase orgasms (when trying to have one like in sex or masturbating- not as a result of the balls being in). Bit awkward when i tried to pee but just had to softly pee or i would have pushed them out i think. I dont work in any above situations so i dont have to worry about meetings, or project managers etc.
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What is a Ben wa ball?

 Them balls you put in your vagina to help pelvic floor strength
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 Haven’t heard of such a thing
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I would never wer them at work. It would be too embarrassing if the fell out or were noticed.

No, but I'm reeling at the deviousness of today. Using sex toys at work, really? Geez I hope you work alone. I'd be disgusted if suddenly Linda in accounting walked past mid orgasm. Or worse, you sitdown for a meeting with a potential new property manager and for some reason she starts moaning and wriggling around for no apparent reason. How embarrassing for both client and server.
Have you thought about this clearly? What if someone realises what's going on? What if they slip out? What if they slip out, and escape your knickers?

 They're classed as a sex you but are usually used for strengthening the pelvic floor. She's not necessarily using them with the intention of orgasming at her desk all day.
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 Well that's mildly better I guess. But I still find the whole situation disturbing. Good luck to OP with strengthening her pelvic floor muscles though.
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 You can barely feel them inside you. This isnt 50 shades hahahaha! This is real life. They are mainly for pelvic floor strength.
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 If they are used to help with the pelvic floor, what is so disturbing about it? I
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 The idea of having these things inside your vagina at work is disturbing. I'm all for strengthening pelvic floor muscles, but why at work? Why, if you must do it at work, put something inside you (that could potentially come out as you're talking to clients, and then you'd either have a weird weight in your knickers, or have something fall OUT OF YOUR VAGINA and roll across the floor) instead of doing the squeezing excercises recommended by doctors? That's what disturbs me. The having something inside your vagina at work part. Wouldn't you find it awkward or at least distracting? I'm assuming that they're weighted slightly more than a tampon?
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 If they're inserted properly you should hardly be able to feel them, and they definitely shouldn't just drop out lol.
The squeezing exercises don't come close to being as effective as these.
I guess the idea of using them at work is because OP can use them for an extended period of time and get results a lot quicker.

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 lol, you could have a tampon or a moon cup fall out too if inserted inocrrectly or as is the case of a tampon full. What is the difference? Are you just grossed out cos they are classified as a sex toy?
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 I spend most of my day at work so figured i could use them to my advantage as no one knows theyre there. I trained a bit with them at home before trying for such a long period of time. I did 6hrs today. They are great! Love them! I always forgot to do my kegels so im glad i decided to try these.
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 It might come down to them not being normalised. I haven't delved into why the idea of them disturbs me but a tampon doesn't. Although personally I get so paranoid when I use a tampon at work. Or anywhere really. But anything else put inside is definitely up there on my creepy-metre (pun intended). Glad to see it worked out for OP, but it's not something I would do.
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SAHM Staff Go Linda in Accounting!!!!!!!
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I'm pretty loose down there and I kegel at work pretty much non stop. If you need to use benwa balls to tighten your stuff while at work then you must be worse off than me. Maybe a trip to your doctor is in order.