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Are you a prepper? If so, why are you prepping? What are you expecting to happen?

Hubby and I discussed possibly starting prepping when Trump and Kimmy started throwing blows but haven't followed through.

How have you prepped? Where do you start?


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I prep for bad weather. I live in an area where we get huge sudden thunderstorms because we are near water. They can knock out power for a few days. We also get serious snowstorms in winter for the same reason -- the lake. Unfortunately, these storms are hard to predict more than an hour or two in advance. We will frequently see snowfalls over a meter deep. In fact, we have gotten as much as 4 meters in one storm over the course of 2 days. In addition to power and water outages, these storms make it impossible to get out of the house.

I have large containers of water for washing up, bottled water for drinking and cooking, propane stove, kerosene heater, wood fired oven, non perishable foods that require minimal cooking (mostly soups and stews, chili, fruits and vegetables, etc that I've canned myself. We also have large bags of dried rices and beans, powdered milk and eggs, oil lamps, flashlights, battery powered radio, generator to run our refrigerator and deep freezern extra fuel... just to name some of the things.

I started by accident. Late one fall, i did a huge staples shopping trip after canning all my garden harvest and some foods made with the 1/2 cow and 1/2 pig we got. That night it snowed. Over 3 meters came down over night. Hubby and i slept in shifts, taking turns clearing paths from our door to the generator, garage, and neighbors' places. By morning I had half the neighborhood camped out at my house. Since we were the only place with heat and food, so by lunch, everyone else on the block was at my place too! It was 3 days before they got power back on and roads cleared. We were lucky to have been kinda prepared. I upped my game after that.

I'm not prepping exactly. But I am stockpiling food and resources. I was doing it for a while when I was pregnant with our 3rd, but since stopped. It started when I found out we were pregnant, and I realised that my husband would need to take time off work. Luckily that time he was full time and had leave to cover his time off. But we're currently expecting our 4th and he's only casual now so he has no leave and the chances of him having his job once he takes a week off (at least because I'll be having a c section and may need longer in the hospital) is slim. So if I can get a good stockpile of food and nappies going we should manage ok. I love bulking up on groceries though. It takes a lot of stress away knowing that if something happens and we have a short week or if I run out of something that it's just there. But I don't have a lot of space for things so I'm working on that too. Money is pretty tight right now too so I'm thinking hard about what to buy.

Prepping for a religious war. The crazy muslims versus everyone else.
My muslim friends brother recently went full ISIS so it scared me a bit plus we saw on the news that not far from us some were coming up from sydney and had some sort of training camp in our area. Its weird as its always been common knowledge he was gay. Apparently he got sent away for "re education". The family have now lost both daughters who have cut contact and literally changed their names now after the oldest brother brutally bashed his new convert wife to death after she caught him molesting her daughters 12 year old friend. They have pretty much lost their son too. He is not the flamboyant, feather boa wearing boy I once knew and loved. That boy is dead.
So prepping for that

 Wow. It's crazy when you realise that stuff is going on in our own country right now!
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 It’s weird you say this.. I have dreamt that they took over the world and our streets were not free to walk anymore.. they were the majority and they beheaded anyone that wasn’t one of them.. the only way of ‘escaping’ was to build a secret den.. I’m not prepping for it but I hope it never comes true.
That’s horrible, was it public news or did he get away with it somehow? I always think they must manage to foil it as nothing is really in the news..

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